nopCommerce Facebook Shop Plugin

Author:, 2. 7. 2014
Enhanced facebook shop plugin for your nopCommerce store.


Add even more public attention of your nopCommerce store with this enhanced facebook shop plugin. You can view a demo here.

With this plugin you can:

  • show manufacturers in drop-down menu
  • show up to 6 "show on homepage" categories in menu
  • display categories as drop-down menu
  • show contact page
  • there are no scrollbars in product list
  • you can hide the prices

The layout is in general based on nopCommerce's Facebook Shop plugin, so your themes should be compatible too.


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For version: 3.20, downloaded 310 times.

For version: 3.30, downloaded 238 times.

For version: 3.40, downloaded 233 times.

For version: 3.50, downloaded 227 times.

For version: 3.60, downloaded 251 times.

For version: 3.70, downloaded 229 times.

You can download fully functional version for free. Last released on 7th January 2015.

Free version

is fully functional, it will only display small red "not licensed" message in footer.


Get your license now:

**Web shop is closed!

**Web shop is closed!

**Web shop is closed!

**Web shop is closed!

**Web shop is closed!

**Web shop is closed!

Please, don't forget to fill in your Facebook App Id in field 'Additional data'.

Custom version

You need something special? Found a "not nice" feature? Please write us an email.


1. Download and unzip the package to the plugins directory of your nopCommerce.
2. Log in to your nopCommerce Store as administrator and go to Configuration/Plugins.
3. Click 'Reload list of plugins' button, fkosoft's Facebook Shop plugin should appear in the list.
4. Install the plugin.

Further instructions for binding with facebook are available in configuration section of the plugin.


Please write me an email, if you have any problems or improvement ideas.